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. grocery store workers remain only one week after a strike began but we will tell you why this morning there was a sense of optimism. police say a killer is on the loose, why homeless women  are being warned to stay on high alert. thank you for joining us i am pam cook. we go right over to steve, who
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knows? good morning in san francisco, driving touchdown town area, if you are driving to the bridge, there is a little bit of a backup, there may be outside cash lanes, let's go back to the desk. happening now, there may be a positive development at the grocery stores, negotiations with management are set to resume in just a few hours, joining us from alameda, what is going on, alex? there is a sense of frustration where you can see a handful of workers are out here braving some cold temperatures. they have a little bond fire so they can stay warm this morning. they are excited because talks picked back up between
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management and 7500 grocery workers across california. they will be going back to the bargaining table at 9:00 this morning. both sides have agreed not to discuss in detail the ongoing negotiations but workers walked off the job weeks ago. this dispute centers around wage freezes and benefit cuts and this morning picketers will bring renewed talks on a new contract. >> hopefully it will get down in a couple of days. we are here for the long hall, whatever it takes. >> reporter: striking workers claim sales have been different around california with picket linesment they are doing what they can to encourage shoppers and both sides would like this
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to be setelled before thanks give being comes around. even though sales have resumed, they are still telling everybody to remain on the picket lines and that's what they are doing. life in alameda, ktvu channel 2 morning news. two men from concord are ready to be alive after their car fell from a freeway pass in funnel. the driver -- panola. the driver was getting off before landing on interstate 880. the driver of the crash was arrested by police on suspicion of dui. the passenger received only minor injuries. tara moriarty is live in santa rosa with the killing of a young mother and how that is triggering a safety alert. a woman was brutally
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stabbed to death and you can see the pile of flowers that have been gathered in her memory. many have been touched by her death. investigators believe she was most likely killed where she was found downtown area on 4th street. she was stabbed several times with a blade edged instrument. she recently had become homeless and homeless women in the area are warned to stay on alert since the man has not been caught. she had come to santa rosa at the beginning of october to start a drug recovery program and dropped out. her husband said she met with a man in santa rosa and police are working with the homeless as well as her family to see if
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they can come up with any leads but for now homeless women are asked to stay vigilant for their own safety. new this morning, east coast areas are still recovering from super storm sandy and they have another issue to deal with. so called disaster tourists. they have been cruising streets and walking through heavily damaged neighborhoods and some of them are taking pictures. that is not making some of the residents happy and they are still cleaning up from the damage. and it is taking long to get the power back on in new york and about 7 5,000 people in new york still have no electricity. the long island power authority says it's not safe to reconnect 3 5,000 homes and businesses because of wiring. some of the angry residents did this, they walked and protested in the streets.
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about 14,000 new jersey residents also have no electricity. senator dianne finestein said it hit her like a lightning bolt when senator general david petraeus resigned because he was having an affair. here is more on the questions being asked about the timing of the fbi's revelations. let's go to sal. we know it is veterans day and a holiday but you are sort of keeping an eye on the toll plaza? >> that is right and right now we are looking at it and we are seeing a little bit of traffic. i don't think it will be that deep but you can see some of the outside lanes are getting crowded and 6:15 is when we normally get those lights turned on. you can see traffic looks good and that's southbound on the left and northbound 880 on the right, it is a nice looking
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drive heading to downtown oakland. if you are driving south to union city fremont, 880 tell looks good. let's go to steve. thank you very much. kind of cold out there when we had clear skies, and that's not the case here, a little bit warmer, 30s and 40s, we will start off with a cooler morning, about the same by noon, mainly favoring the north and more of the same, maybe hazy skies, you have an easterly or northerly breeze and it will stay that way towards the end of the week. fort could he have, fort brag, high pressure says i'll take everything north. a cold start and light rain stays up north far enough that i don't have to worry about it. it could be colder, we have a few high clouds up above.
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not much of a breeze but that's the direction of the wind is coming from and the wind is coming from the east at fairfield. you can see where the line is drawn, everything south of that is behind mid-level clouds and this pattern is holding until about friday. this system will give us a lift and when this system begins to move is the big question. it will take about a week and everything stays up towards eureka and that's light. for us high clouds, high pressure says i am nosing in slightly. it is a cold morning, 30s are cold for us. everyone will be a couple of degrees and capitoa and gilroy,
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san jose 65. >> we may punch in saturday and don't cancel any plans because it may hold off until monday. >> thank you steve, a stanford student has a big conflict. they may participate in a road color and what he may choose and how he may get to do both. also why he was able to register to vote but he could not cast a vote in the elections. also a coverup in a child abuse scans tell. -- scandal. [ laughter ] [ girl ] wow, you guys have it easy.
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. two executives are temporarily giving up duties while an investigation is underway. and the investigation of the bbc, he stepped down after the bbc wrongly accused a former politician of sexual abuse. this was after they failed to report child abuse on a former bbc host. union city host is investigating the death of a man found unconscious in a
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trash can. it happened. >> union. here is jeanine with details, good morning jeanine. >> reporter: it was near dakota road in a trash can. we are not sure which one of these trash receptacles it was and a memorial has been set up and candles are left out of respect for him. a woman was taking out her trash and when she opened the bin she found an unconscious man inside. they rushed him to the hospital where he died. the man did not have any visible injuries and police have identified him as joseph perez of union city. police are looking for information from anybody who may know what happened here and because there are suspicious circumstances surrounding his death they need people to call him. i put a call to the coroner's
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office and they say because it is a holiday, an autopsy will not be done until tomorrow. we are hoping to get more information about his death as the morning continues on. jeanine della vega, ktvu channel 2 morning news. another attack in afghanistan. authorities say the man was wearing an afghan uniform when he shot and killed a british soldiers. at least 60 soldiers have been killed in 45 insider attacks. the attacks have raised questions about how they can take over security of their own country by 2014. more circumstances are coming to light after general david petraeus resigned from his job. there are questions about the
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timeline in the investigation of his job, jacqueline? >> reporter: lawmakers want to know who knew what and when about the affair. another woman received threatening e-mails from general david petraeus' so called mistress. he stepped down admitting to the extramarital affair. the house committee was not informed until friday. >> are you going to investigate why the fbi did not know the few you before? >> yes, absolutely. i mean this is something that could have had an affect on national security and i think we should have been told. >> reporter: the general's communications was never compromised and he was never the target of the investigation. they are questioning the timing he was set to testify about the deadly attack in benghazi. now the acting director will
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instead. jacqueline from ktvu channel 2 morning news. it appears they may be ready to tackle immigration reform. charles schumer and lindsey graham of south carolina are going to restart talks on immigration plans that were started two years ago. he believes this time, republicans have learned being anti-immigration reform does not work for them politically. it's still too close to call. through six rounds, norman yeah has 11900 votes. now crowley has 11924 votes and that's a difference of only 21 votes. there are only 3,000 provisional ballots to count. the estimation could come tomorrow. and people who registered
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at dmv offices found out they could not vote even though they filled out the proper paperwork. the federal radar federal motor vehicle law offered people the ability to vote and they say sometimes those applications don't always make it to the registrar of voters. this weekend nascar race in arizona, jeff gorden intentionally crashed into clint bauer to retaliate over an earlier incident. they were not happy about it and went after him after he got out of the car. bauer ran to get involved but was held back and kevin harvick by the way won the race. well a road scholar will find out whether he will get a private jet to be shuttled between two of the biggest
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moments of his life. he plans to run for the ncaa race in kentucky. that same day is his road's scholar interview in seattle. today they are expected to tell them a private jet can be provided without breaking the rules. a shelter in fairfield will honor homeless veterans. and that shelter provides 175 beds year round and about 50 vets are living there right now. this morning flagpole dedication is set for 9:00, military officials and city officials will be there for that event. almost 2000 people showed up at this dedication ceremony for the new castro valley veterans memorial. it was seven years in the
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making and each slab represents men who made the ultimate sacrifice. some men are in granite and it includes this fly over by the national air guard. we have more veterans day coverage for you including interviews with family members of fallen heros. go to, take a look at it and scroll down to the video player. right now, we want to check back in with sal, are you still on the east shore? >> that is absolutely right, pam. we would like to see what it is together and some people can like the day and it is -- there is some weighting at the toll plaza and it is definitely lighter than usual. some of the fast track lanes are moving right on through and if you are waiting that traffic
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looks good to the south bay, no major problems just a little bit of crowding and today if you drive every day, you will notice it is a little bit better than usual. 6:19, let's go to steve. this monday morning, cold, not as bad, it is a little bit colder, still 30s and 40s . a few high clouds are associated with a couple of weak systems and they will stay to the north. so mostly sunny, mostly fair, the direction the wind is coming from. i think we will level off, nothing too outrageous and we will go 60s to 70s and 30s on the temperatures. we are running longer than yesterday and it is still cold, most locations will stay calm.
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>> the line stays to the north, we will get out of the way so you can see it. fort brag, there in lies the broadcast, and no doubt about that, we will bundle up, and 60s on the temperatures, you may have to go further find a little sun. gilroy at 66. clouds, mild warmer as we go to wednesday, partly cloudy skies to the north, and it inches its way towards us by friday. we could have some light rain and we may even hold off until late sunday and monday. thanks you steve.
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>> well, apple will work together rather than continuing their two yearlong dispute. they signed a 10 year licensing agreement and they have been fighting over pat tents for several smart phone features. still blocked and the site became unusable as they were picking new party leaders googles search and other services have a mountain based community and they are starting their search result from two years ago. they could cause it to go up in flames, find out why,
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stay tuned. [ crickets chirping ]
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[ traffic passing ] ♪ [ music box: lullaby ] [ man on tv, indistinct ] ♪ [ lullaby continues ] [ baby coos ] [ man announcing ] millions are still exposed to the dangers... of secondhand smoke... and some of them can't do anything about it. ♪ [ continues ] [ gasping ] . the peak of the wildfire season will end in several bay area counties. the wildfire danger has gone down in the past week because we have cooler temperatures and we have had some rain. a burn suspension order has been listed and any plans --
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lifted and any plans to do a control burn, you still have to clear it first with local fire officials. they say that when the weather starts to cool down, the number of house fires goes up. that is because many people with fireplaces are not safe and pull out space heaters to get warm. in a 24 hour period, they were called because of people trying to heat their homes. and in san leandro, a new parking garage is open to the public. the four story garage is on east 14th street and there will be 384 parking spaces. that is 50% more parking spaces than the garage that -- garage that used to be there. they are hoping to attract more downtown businesses. well, you may want to think about driving twice now.
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they plan to launch a week long campaign for drivers who are sleeping behind the wheel. driving drowsy is about as dangerous as driving drunk. driving drowsy caused 32 deaths and more than 24 injuries in 2010. we are checking in with sal to see what is happening on the roads, sal? as a matter of fact, we are looking at the traffic on 280 in san jose and it gets a little bit crowded but it has not reached critical levels. sunole grade, same thing on interstate 880, certainly a lot of people are out there but it's not stop and go. let's go to steve. it was cold yesterday even though we had sunny skies, 58 was popular, napa, san francisco, a cool 58, today we
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will be 62, 62 and 63 in livermore and 65 in san jose. a few high clouds way to the north overall up towards fort brag and shelter cove. 68 on those temperatures. a dying man was found inside of a trash can. here is the latest on the investigation. a car crashes and two people were able to walk away, why police think this crash happened, stay tuned for more. @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@
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. welcome back sitting for
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members of the marine corp, there will be two minutes of silence and in honor of the veterans and wall street open, we will have all the business news coming up in just a bit. >> we will smile and say good morning to you. it is monday, november 12th, it is veterans day, i am dave clark. it had to be shut down after a scary accident. allie rasmus has more on why the two people inside the car are lucky to be alive. it is incredible to think two people were able to walk away unscathed. right here where you see a metal guardrail southbound
6:32 am
concrete barrier over there on the left, a driver crashed through it, fell off the bridge and his car landed completely upside down in the far right lane of interstate 880. they arrested the driver on suspicion of drunk driving. he was not injured. his passenger also was not injured and decided not to go to the hospital this morning. this happened around midnight and they worked to prepare a section which completely collapsed and police are investigating the exact circumstances of how this happened. they believe the driver was coming south -- excuse me westbound on 880, had exited the freeway tried to make a left-hand turn and then crashed into the concrete barrier. by about 4:00 a.m., they finished their repair work and this should not have an impact
6:33 am
on the commute. both the southbound lanes are clearing where they patched it so drivers coming through should not notice any problems. allie rasmus, ktvu channel 2 morning news. all right, they are investigating a mysterious discovery. a dying man was discovered in a trash can on 10th street. general neil della vega has more on this, jeanine? >> reporter: you can see the memorial is being held where they have left candles and flowers out of respect for him. we spoke to the people who live in this house and they say it was a family friend who is the man who was found here at this home and the trash can he was found in was right there, that is not the actual trash bin but they say somebody brought a trash can looking like that and
6:34 am
placed it next to that trash can and that's where he was found. let's go to video we took earlier this morning. police say a woman was taking out her trash and when she opened the bin she found the unconscious man inside. she called authorities and they rushed him to the hospital where he later died. he did not have any injuries on his body and he was identified as joshua perez of union city. police are looking for anybody who may know what happened because the circumstances are obviously suspicious. they say because it is a holiday they will not perform an autopsy but from speaking with family and friends just a short time ago, they do tell me this man, joshua perez did have an us is a and some medical conditions and they also tell
6:35 am
us he was intoxicated but they want to know what happened here because again family friends are tell me the trash can with him inside was brought to their home, it was not their trash can so they too have many questions and they say he is a nice young man who would stay here once in a while and he does have an uncle living here in union city. they are obviously grieving right now. jeanine della vega, ktvu channel 2 morning news. president barack obama is going to the white house and meeting for talks on how to avoid the so called fiscal cliff. tomorrow he will meet with business leaders. they are building support to avoid spending cuts which scheduled to take affect at the end of the year. they are trying to build support which includes tax increases on the wealthy and
6:36 am
they want to talk about why they won public backing in last week's election. the approval vote comes four days after a separate bill of deep spending cuts narrowly passed parliament. they are set to meet today to discuss whether greece has met conditions for bailout funds that have been blocked since june. greece's prime of minister said they could -- prime minister said they could run out of money until the hold is released. paying national defense is important, environmental research is important. the space program is an indicater of the world leader and all of that takes money. >> now prop 30 did not completely solve the problems.
6:37 am
they will consider a fee hike and cal state wants to impose hikes on students who stay long passed their ability to graduate. they stand in the mojave dessert and it ends a legal battle that went all the way to the supreme court. this april, a judge approved a land swap with the veterans of foreign wars. it has been a 14 year battle and there are a lot of ups and downs, we cried over that and we are just so happy to have it resolved finally. >> this is actually a replacement for a cross that was stolen. that stolen cross was actually found in half-moon bay and now it will be returned.
6:38 am
well, there was a major show of support for veterans of the armed services and we will tell you how many came out to say thank you to members of the military and we will have more coming up at 6:45. in san francisco, only 37.6% of workers' compensation mute alone in a car. just about 6 5% of marin workers drive alone to work. they have the second highest at 76.6 and salon know county -- slant know county -- salvano county has the highest percentage. it is better than it normally is which is the bright side, the optimistic side, northbound 101, that traffic looks good if you are driving
6:39 am
to catch a flight you should not have any trouble getting there and also on the bay bridge, at first we had a crowd and then it went away. this is what you will be dealing with all morning long as schools are observing veterans day today. we don't see anything on the road except for one small patch of traffic at 880, let's go to steve. a very cold morning, not as bad as sunday, any rain though is staying to the north. higher clouds, clouds to the north kind of hazy and yesterday was a cool day. 58 in napa and about 3:00 and 4:00 a.m. it is chilly out there.
6:40 am
we will be lower 60s for everyone else and we will take that into wednesday. a little warmer today, it will level off and it is near 70s for a couple more 60s than anything else. a few light showers up towards lake county and everything is really light. boy, i tell you there isn't much there. 30s on the temperatures although the city at 48, there are sun sets that are cooler. mostly clear high clouds, cold morning at least for us. temperatures in the 30s, we do have mostly fair skies and higher clouds will drift in towards the north. coast bay, everybody will be really close, gilroy, santa
6:41 am
cruz, the lows will still be on the cloudy side. high clouds clouded up on sunday and don't be surprised if it holds off this time next week. would you believe venice italy, the city of water is actually flooded. hard to believe. the high tide shows it is at its 6th level and central venice is under water. and in tuscany, 200 people have been evacuated. vin yards and olive groves have been destroyed. back here at home, the sierra has dumped a lot of snow. there have been spinouts and a lot of backups on the roads and you may need chains on your tires. that ski resort is open from 9:00 to 9:00 and northstar
6:42 am
will probably open on friday. they plan to open, next wednesday, the day before thanks giving. you can always get up to date information along with what steve paulson says. click on the weather tab. 6:41 is the time right now. an indiana neighborhood is still in shock following a major explosion over the weekend. . we have the unanswered questions of how long people will be out of their home. live in santa rosa where police are trying to solve a homicide and they are telling homeless women to remain on alert in the meantime. and we have some spots that are crowded but most spots are doing well.
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. right now at 6:45, live pictures, there may be a
6:46 am
positive development at knob hill food stores. negotiations are due to begin between the union and management and healthcare is a major issue. also a man found unconscious inside of a union city trash can was found yesterday morning. he was discovered by a woman taking out her trash. union city police continue to investigate. and two people very lucky to be alive, their car fell over the pass and their car plunged on to southbound 880 and police arrested the driver on suspicion of dui. homeless women are urged to take caution as they track down a killer. here is the story of a young woman who has many people worried. well we put a call in to
6:47 am
see if there are any new leads. we know it happened in this alleyway. a woman was brutally stabbed. you can see we have popcorn even from well wishers. it is an indication of how people have been a affected by this young woman's death. she was visually attacked and recently had become homeless. they want women to stay on alert. she is the mother of a two-year- old boy and was most likely killed where she had been found. she was stabbed several times with a blade edged instrument. we found pictures of her on my space and friends say she had a rough up bringing and came here to start a drug recovery program but dropped out. she reportedly reached women's christian homes with a man she met in santa rosa. right now police are working
6:48 am
with people to see if they can come up with any leads and her mother said they plan to bury her alongside her grandparents. people are asking women to stay vigilant and apparently she was a very trusting naive sort of person so this death has really hit them hard. live in santa rosa, tara moriarty ktvu channel 2 morning news. they are trying to figure out what caused a massive explosion over the weekend. last night the community came together to remember a 2nd grade teacher and her husband who were killed when their home was destroyed. it forced 200 people from their homes. >> whatever caused this
6:49 am
disruption which i know right now has not been determined but i am excited to find out. i really want to know. >> the fire department is allowing some people to return home. they suggest repair costs to be 350,000 dollars. the verdict against fred will not be read until tomorrow because of the veterans holiday. he is facing a life prison sentence if convicted on all counts. well many have turned out for the parade in petaluma than ever before. organizers predict more than 30,000 people have lined the streets yesterday, saluting military members past and present. the people we spoke to had a lot of praise for the servicemen and women for all
6:50 am
they have done. they spent more time in their car than any other. coming up, who has the longest commute in the entire state. >> i want to know. >> well, i want to know what sale was seeing. >> many people are observing it and you will notice it highway four it usually toes not look this foodment 680 from the develop nearby why bridge -- venetia why bridge to walnut creek. if you are thinking wow, i didn't remember today was a holiday for some but it is which means your commute is better. we are looking at the commutes and we have just a little bit of slowing near 101. 6:50 let's go to steve. well, mostly clear, a
6:51 am
little bit warmer 50s on the highs yesterday, a little bit of rain skirting by to the north. mendocino county, we have an easterly breeze and high pressure will hold its ground and one weak system, a weak area of high pressure and they will recover with mid-to-upper 60s over the week. you can see a few returns on radar and i will tell you that is not going to do much. rain will stay to the north and the system will deepen offshore and eventually it will get here. 30s on the temperatures and very low 40s at shelter cove, ukiah north and mendocino county, not much. more higher clouds, a cold morning and it is still cold out there, lots of 30s with 60s for highs and we recover
6:52 am
with chilly readings and we had a lot of upper 30s . san jose, morgan hill, capitoa, not much change except afternoon highs will be warmer. and the system will work its way towards us, there are signs of a stronger system sunday and it may be comes in late sunday or even monday. well the latest james bond movie debuted as number one. >> take the bloody shot... >> they set a record for ticket sales taking in nearly $88 million and record ralph lat week dropped to 7th.
6:53 am
companies say the drink helps reduce fat levels in the blood. i don't think they will be dumping that over the winning players for coaches. before you know it, will the traditional holiday dinner cost you more this year? we have the answer. plus construction on the new span on the bay bridge. stay tuned for more.
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6:55 am
6:56 am
. welcome to ktvu channel 2 morning news, markets don't know it is the opening day and it could be quiet but the dow jones industrial average is up about 18 points. time now 555, -- 655, a small plane crashed and was going to omaha nebraska. one passengers was a doctor in springfield, missouri and the other victim was his dad, a well-known businessman from omaha. and back home, they hit another milestone in building the bay bridge. the crews have almost finished shifting 4 5,000 tons of steel and concrete from a temporary support structure to the
6:57 am
eastern span. crews are worried that transfer may have setback construction for several months. the bay bridge is due to open by next year. the traditional thanksgiving dinner will cost a little more this year. dinner will cost $49.48. that is up 3% from last year and the bureau says most of the increases are because turkey costs are higher and they are waiting until the last minute where they might find some deals. will you be doing some being cooing? >> i -- cooking? >> i might be doing a little bit. traffic is moving along nicely here and it is certainly a holiday like commute and many schools are observing veterans day today. let's move to the south bay, we have not found a lot which is
6:58 am
good >> we will end up with mostly sunny skies. i think we get a few clouds and it is a little bit warmer than sunday. coming up next on mornings on two, an east bay woman max a shocking discovery about her trash. things they would be changing in the next couple of hours, we will have more on that stay right here with us. ñ
6:59 am
mary gonzales had a cold, she also has asthma. so she sees her allergist who has a receptionist susan, who sees that she's due for a mammogram. mary has one that day. that's when she finds out she has a tumor. she has a successful surgery and because her health provider has an amazing connected system, she has her life. i don't know what you have but i have kaiser permanente.

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